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Ten Year Class Reunion

· First Row Left to Right: Ron Martin, Bill Jenkins, Frank Seamon, LeRoy Evans, Chuck Bourne, Larry Harman, Ed Henry, Jim Bonewell, Ed Conklin.

· Second Row Left to Right: Ann Herron, Diana Morgan, Karen Long, Dorothy Wheeler, Penny Jensen, Marcie Motzkus, Fran Sales, Lynne Robinson, Judy Miller, Linda Wilson.

· Third Row Left to Right: Jane Neeley, Mary Lynne Hyatt, David Evans, Sylvia Thomas, Peggy Conklin, Jean Kerr, Sue Showalter, Linda Taliferro, RoseLee Tanner, Cathy Galvez, Lola Long, Jerry Garcia, ??.

· Back Row Left to Right: Dean Murray, Ron Rose, Steve Bart, Ray Cox, Gary Hall, Rod Snodgrass, Larry Coleman, Dan Medina, Larry Harman, John Pitts, Jim Schneider.

· 1966 ~ 30 Year Class Reunion June 1996

· Seated Left to Right: Ed Conklin, Ron Woods, Roy Simpson, ??, ??, Jim Jordan, Ray Cox, Mike Kendrick.


· Second Row Left to Right:Jane Wagner, RoseLee Tanner, Penny Jensen Calhoon, Mary Avila, Carol Smith, Linda Taliferro, Jean Kerr, Marcie Motzkus, Patti Hunke, Dorothy Wheeler, Sue Showalter.


· Row Left to Right: Jim Bonewell, Chuck Bourne, Cathy Galvez, Lola Long, Sylvia Thomas, Mary Lynn Hyatt, Diana Morgan, Donna Morgan, Peggy Conklin, Judy Miller, Karen Long, Jane Neeley, Ann Herron, Don Taylor, Lonnie Wilson, Ralph Sanchez.


· Back Row Left to Right:Larry Harman, Dennis Ammon, Rod Snodgrass, Mike ?, Gary Hall, Ron Rose, Frank Seamon, Larry Sherman, ??, ??, Joe Tanner, John Pitts, Tom Moore.


Our 35th Year Class Reunion ~ June 2001

· Seated Left to Right: Dennis Ammon, Rod Snodgrass, Ron Woods

· Second Row Left to Right: Ann Herron, Sylvia Thomas, Dorothy Wheeler, Linda Wilson, Diana Morgan, Judy Miller, Donna Morgan, Lola Long

· Third Row Left to Right: Karen Long, Cathy Galvez, Linda Taliferro, Sue Showalter, Patti Hunke, Marcie Motzkus, Penny Jensen, Jane Wagner, Mary Lynn Hyatt, Jane Neeley, Joe Sandoval, Chuck Bourne, Mary Avila, Jim Schneider, John Gallegos

· Back Row Left to Right: Tom Moore, Lonnie Wilson, Larry Harman, John Pitts, John???, Joe Tanner, Jim Bonewell, Roy Simpson, Larry Sherman, Ron Rose.


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