An article from the "Barnstormer" (presumed to be a magazine or a special edition filler
of the Bent County Democrat)  dated Thurs., June 11, 1981

Facts & Figures

    Las Animas with a population of approximately 4,000 is the county seat of Bent County located
on Hwy.50 in the fertile Arkansas Valley.  It was established in 1869 and incorporated in 1886.
     The Arkansas and Purgatoire Rivers join nearby and make it a productive agriculture area.
Bent County's major industry is farming and ranching.  Irrigated crops include alfalfa, corn,
onions, sugar beets, cantaloupes, potatoes and small grains.  Dry-land groups include maize,
wheat, sorghums, and broomcorn.  In addition, there are many herds of cattle and lambs.
     Las Animas is known for its mild, dry climate and sunshine, with over 300 days of sunshine a
year.  The average summer temperature is 74 degrees and the average winter temperature 35
degrees.  Rainfall averages around 10 inches a year.

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